The Basics of MMA Betting

With the UFC expanding rapidly, there are more people than ever interested in betting on MMA fights. However, there are many differences between betting on MMA and conventional sports like boxing. Understanding these nuances can help you make wise wagers and get the most out of your online MMA experience.

Money lines: Money line bets are the simplest form of MMA betting, and they involve placing a bet on which fighter you think will win a particular fight. The odds for each fighter will be displayed, and you’ll be paid out depending on how close your selection is to the actual result of the fight. The odds for each fighter are calculated in such a way as to balance the number of bets on each of them, meaning that if a fighter is receiving more than his or her share of the total bets placed, then the odds will be adjusted accordingly.

Over/under rounds: In MMA betting, the over/under round bet entails placing a bet on whether the fight will last over or under the number of rounds set by the sportsbook. This bet type is not as straightforward as it is in other sports, because the fighting styles of the combatants can play a large role in the number of rounds a fight lasts. For example, if a fighter has a shorter reach than his or her opponent, they will likely try to secure early knockouts in the first few rounds.

Method of victory: The method of victory MMA betting market includes bets on KO, TKO, DQ, and submission victories. These bets can also be combined into parlays, which require all outcome bets to be correct for the wager to win. These bets are riskier than single outcome bets, but can offer big rewards if you’re right on your predictions.

Prop bets: Mma betting offers a wide range of prop bets, which are wagers on specific events during a fight. These bets can include the number of KO/TKO/DQ/Submission victories, who will score the first submission maneuver, and a variety of other betting options. Prop bets are not guaranteed to win, but can add an extra level of excitement to your MMA betting experience.

Outrights: Unlike in other sports, MMA outrights can be made well into the future, and they’re popular amongst fans who want to keep track of developments in the sport. Generally, outrights are offered for the major fights on an MMA card, and they’re available at the best mma betting sites.

The UFC is the cream of the crop when it comes to MMA, with megafights involving some of the biggest names in the sport attracting massive pay-per-view audiences. The sport spans the globe and offers fights – and betting markets – almost every week of the year. For bettors who can’t attend the action live, daily fantasy UFC contests at DraftKings offer a legal alternative with top prizes that are in the $50,000 range and above.